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About Cross Timbers Dendro

Cross Timbers Dendro is all about tree-rings and the land. The word dendro is from the Greek word dendron, which simply means, tree. The main focus of our dendrochronology (dating by tree rings) work is to accurately assess the age of a tree and forests. This service is offered on various scales, and can be applied to certify individual trees & timbers to large scale projects (e.g. forests; city, state, and national parks; nature preserves; historical buildings).

Tree-ring dating is not only reserved for the living (trees). Some clients require dendroarchaeology expertise to accurately date historic buildings such as barns, bridges, and homesteads. Historic timbers are secret keepers, and we are the storytellers ready to reveal what is written in the rings.

If you want to know how old your majestic oak is in the front yard, we can help! If you have an old homestead and wonder if your grandparents were right about the barn being 200 years old, we can help! If you're a land manager looking for help meeting your land use goals, we can help you, too!

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People have a deep connection to the land, and there are endless reasons people love their trees and sense of place.


We love it too, and we're here to help you know your trees and land more intimately.


About the Person You'll Meet


Hi! My name is Joe Buck, and I'm glad you made it this far on the website :)  I am the founder and principal consultant of Cross Timbers Dendro Consulting, LLC. After years of helping people answer the question, "What's going on with my trees?" or "How old do you think this barn is?" or "How do I get more 'X' on my land?", I finally decided to expand my volunteerism into a business. Getting paid to do something you love is an absolute privilege, and I don't take it for granted. I was raised in the woods, or more accurately, in a house in the woods. I distinctly remember learning the differences in oak vs. hickory and deciduous vs. evergreen. I love the smell and sometimes even the taste of the woods! I think you get the point. I like trees and forests.

Additionally, I was raised to develop a habit of putting others first. This extends to both nature and my fellow humans. I hope it comes across that I truly value all my interactions with people, as I try to listen and learn with everyone. As I launched into business for myself, I've learned heaps! With all the tweaks and lessons learned, I have made it to a place to better serve you. Instilled with knowledge and a passion for growing things (plants, animals, and projects) and improving land & processes, I am ready to help!

I have a B.B.A. in General Business, a B.S. in Biology, and am finishing up a M.S. in Biology. I've been involved with projects across the U.S., as well as international collaborations, and am always happy to explore more. I love  time with family & friends, working in the field and lab, green woodwork, Hygge, reading by the fire, advocating for mental health, sustainability, & social justice issues, and - of course - charismatic megaflora (TREES)!

Lastly, a word about our name. The Cross Timbers ecoregion is a narrow strip of land that runs from Central Texas, through Central Oklahoma, and a little ways into southeastern Kansas. It is often called a mosaic or patchwork, where the plains meets the forest, creating the oak savanna we call the Cross Timbers. I was born & raised in Oklahoma, moved to Australia, moved back to Oklahoma, and now reside in Texas. I have the greatest admiration for the landscapes able to endure harsh summers, cruel winters, and frequent fires.  I don't often discriminate between landscapes, but this is a special one.

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Typical Cross Timbers community in Lincoln county, Oklahoma. Dominated by post oak - blackjack oak (Quercus stellata - Quercus marilandica).


Cross Timbers Dendro Consulting LLC

Plano, TX 75025

Tel 405.777.8816

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